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Drinking Counts: Nike+ FuelBand and Drunk Activity Tracking

A year ago, we would have never tested an activity-tracking device on a drunk subject. Until the release of Nike+ FuelBand, most personal metrics tools were confined to exercise. Today, Nike encourages FuelBand users to track everything from washing dishes to walking dogs, providing targets and tallies.

So why not track drunken activities? Certainly the inebriated are still working toward daily Fuel goals, even if their movements aren’t always in a straight line. In today’s research we’ve asked Dan, a 24-year old barn manager living in Maine, to try out FuelBand after several rounds of drinks. Dan has an active career, exercises frequently and maintains semi-vague fitness goals. It was a spirited assignment with moments of clarity and confusion.


  • The FuelBand was sleek and inviting, although the setup and display were perplexing.
  • Emails, accounts and passwords were NOT appreciated, as Dan just wanted to get moving.
  • Dan never quite figured out what the points were measuring, but seemed to enjoy trying.
  • The post-activity reporting was disappointing. Dan would’ve appreciated less data and more encouragement.


Keep the experience, from setup to reporting, paced to match the impatience of a typical drunk user. Too much time setting up accounts, figuring out devices and interpreting tracking infographics will put your drunk customers to activity-free sleep in no time.