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Social Drinking: MySpace After Five Bourbons

The statistics about drinking and online social networks are telling. 76% of British Facebook users are tipsy in their photos. 80% in the U.S. are drunk when using Facebook after 9PM. 95% of active Twitter users can’t remember anything they’ve tweeted on Saturday nights. We wonder why social networks bother to test designs on anyone BUT drunk users.

In today’s research we asked Matt, an active Facebook user, to try out the new MySpace after 5 bourbon and ginger ales. Despite the blurred vision, occasional UX problems and noticeable gassiness, he found the site to be a welcome update to the MySpace he’d abandoned years before.


  • The new design was “slick” and a “way different experience”.
  • The UX glitches didn’t get it in the way of the frequent moments of delight.
  • Searching was hard for Matt to figure out, but “fucking cool” once he did.
  • While mixes and profile songs were difficult to create, profiles were fun.


We have a sneaking suspicion the creators of MySpace were already thinking about drunk users when designing the updated interface. There are still some UX hurdles but, as long as their usability labs are well stocked, the site should be drunk-friendly in no time.