Authentic Behaviors. Intoxicating Insights.

After a long night out, a college student goes online at 2AM to buy herself a pair of shoes.

A young man in a bar uses his smartphone to look up the next place to celebrate the new account with his colleagues.

After a Saturday afternoon watching college football, Dad decides it’s about time to set up the Universal Remote.

Millions of customers every year are performing these and similar activities in every market, across every demographic, using an endless number of products and services. What do they all have in common? Two very important things. They are all being ignored by market researchers. And they are all very drunk.

We at Three Sheets Market Research think it’s about time companies pay attention to these very real, and potentially very valuable, behaviors. And we’re here to help. With our years of experience interviewing and observing customers, we are able to uncover high-potential insights that will lead to better products. Products your customers want. Products your customers can use. Even shit-faced.

It’s a fact that 20% of all online shopping happens after midnight.*  It’s a fact that college students spend 75% of their time using smartphone apps at parties.** It’s a fact that the inebriated find it difficult to complete simple tasks, like remembering their passwords, clicking web site buttons and spelling their name. ***

Need help understanding how to design a product detail page that makes those lava lamps seem like a great idea? Want to quadruple your earned media impressions by convincing your customers to share everything? Anxious to reduce costly call center activity by reducing the number of slurring callers seeking help with your products? Then give us a call and we’ll recommend a research package that’s right for you.

Choose Three Sheets Market Research. Because your customers drink.

* We think.

** Well, we did.

*** We’re pretty sure about this one.